Audition Tips

Many of the most famous models and actors today started their careers when some talent agent discovered them in such common places as a mall or a sidewalk. Gisele Bundchen, for example, was first spotted by a modeling agent munching down burgers at a McDonald’s restaurant in Brazil, and the rest is history.

Majority of aspiring models, however, don’t have the luxury to wait for some modeling scout to “discover” them. More often than not, models frequent casting calls for a modeling gig and try landing a job through the time-honored practice of auditioning.

Auditions, therefore, are the most essential part that an aspiring model will have to go through before getting hired for a modeling job. And they tend to be the toughest too, as it may take you dozens or hundreds of auditions before you get a modeling gig. Just remember that in the modeling business, you always have to stay positive, and bear in mind that the more auditions you attend, the more chances you have of landing the job.

As in any other type of auditions, there are things you could do that would at least give you a fighting chance of snagging that modeling job. One is that you should show up early, and never be late for an audition. You wouldn’t want to antagonize the hairstylists, makeup designers, fashion coordinators who are working on the audition.

Also, it helps being genuinely pleasant. Acting like you’re the most important and most talented person in the room could only guarantee an early exit for you. Being a good listener is also a plus, as that would mean a smoother working relationship with the photographer, whose instructions you should follow as closely as you can. You should also be open to suggestions from makeup artists and hairstylists about what look works best for you, and don’t insist that you know better than them when it come to the way you look.

And since you’re just auditioning, you might want to bring a wide variety of clothing. Remember, you’re just auditioning, and therefore cannot expect the people who are holding the auditions to provide you with the clothing that you need. At least six different outfits will do.

And most importantly, be confident, and let that confidence shine through with every smile, move and pose that you make. You may be the most beautiful or most perfect person physically for the job, but without confidence, all that beauty will go for naught.


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